Learning experience of iach – alonissos, re-created through a webinar !

The Exclusive Vithoulkas Webinar held on 26th & 27th June, 2021 was a real revelation to the impressive and infinite possibilities of Homeopathy. More than 710 attendees from 60 countries became a part of this memorable event. The grand feature of simultaneous translation of the webinar in five different languages could bring the real globalisation.

The introduction of the webinar with a soulful video touched the hearts of all when we saw a display of the discoveries & contributions of Prof. George Vithoulkas. The enormous and extraordinary work going on at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos to spread classical homeopathy is visionary and remarkable.

The Live streaming of Prof. George Vithoulkas sessions on both the days enlightened the listeners with his in depth and profound knowledge. On the first day,  Prof Vithoulkas provided the strategy and the guidelines to manage cases and on the second day, clarifications on Miasms with its importance in understanding the prognosis, were both very beneficial and practical information. He also solved many doubts and queries of the participants in the scheduled hours. Essentially it was a gratifying and fulfilling experience which revived the memories of IACH at Alonissos.

Dr Seema Mahesh was outstanding  in her presentation of the publications of difficult cured cases in renowned medical journals with great impact factor. She incredibly acquainted everyone with the essential requirements needed by a homeopath to prepare the case reports and the importance of these publications for recognition of homeopathy in conventional medical world, an excellent approach and a path shown by Prof. Vithoulkas.

The case presentations of Dr Mahesh Malappa and Dr Atul Jaggi brought the teachings of Prof. Vithoulkas alive when all the spectators witnessed the miraculous effects of Homeopathy. The rules of classical homeopathy were projected clearly in their cases thereby reaffirming that theory is not different from practice.

A very intriguing video lecture on ‘Quantum Physics and Homeopathy’  by Prof. Vithoulkas was presented by Dr Latika Jaggi and the concept of energy fields and energy medicine were brought into light.

The positivity and success of the webinar was felt immediately when all the participants started pouring in their love and gratitude for the whole team of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.  The selfless efforts of all the panelists and technical team with full guidance and support by the director of the IACH Ms. Maria Chorianopoulou, could recreate the phenomenal experience of learning and teachings as that at the Academy in Alonissos.