Outstanding Highlights of the LMHI 2023 World Homeopathic Congress, held from October 24 to 28 in Bogotá, Colombia, where the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy’s (IACH) participated.

The IACH Booth: Where Success and Innovation

Here, we showcased the legacy of Prof. George Vithoulkas, his pioneering work, and the global reputation of IACH for homeopathic excellence. The booth offered an immersive experience with videos, allowing attendees to interact with some Prof. Vithoulkas’ classes, books and ask questions about the courses that IACH offers.

Presentation of Dr. Maria Fernanda Aguilar Dueñas

Dr. Maria Fernanda Aguilar Dueñas, delivered a groundbreaking presentation on “Improvements in Long-Standing Cardiac Pathologies by Individualized Homeopathic Remedies: A Case Series.” Her research has the potential to revolutionize the approach to heart-related issues, giving new hope to patients worldwide.

Poster Presentations: Unraveling the Correlations

In addition to her captivating presentation, Dr. Aguilar unveiled two enlightening poster presentations:

Correlation Between Acute and Chronic Inflammatory States: A Retrospective Evaluation of 544 Diabetes Mellitus Cases
Is Absence of Acute Inflammatory Diseases a Hallmark of Chronic Conditions? A Clinical Investigation into Asthma Patients’ Case Histories
These presentations offered valuable insights into the intricate relationships between acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, shedding light on potential breakthroughs in treatment.

Dr. Ramon Unzueta: Shedding Light on Homeopathic Approaches

Dr. Ramon Unzueta, captivated the audience with his presentations:

Homeopathic Approach to the Suicidal Patient
Lymphoma During Pregnancy: Homeopathic Management
The Role of Multiple Sclerosis Therapies on the Dynamics of Human Gut Microbiota
Dr. Unzueta’s talks provided fresh perspectives on complex medical challenges and offered promising new avenues for treatment.

Video Lecture of Professor Vithoulkas: The Controversy Over Homeopathic Treatment

To add to the excitement, the IACH presented an exclusive video lecture by Professor George Vithoulkas on “The Controversy Over Homeopathic Treatment.” This thought-provoking lecture delved into a hot-button issue, sparking meaningful discourse and careful consideration.

As we look back at our participation in LMHI 2023, we invite you to relive the moments of innovation, knowledge, and transformation. Stay connected with us for more updates, insights, and future events, and be a part of the journey to shape the future of homeopathic medicine.