The Book Science of Homeopathy in Portuguese-Brazilian

Book: The Science of Homeopathy – 1st Brazilian edition officially revised in Portuguese.
A gift from Brazil to Vithoulkas’ legacy and a gift from Vithoulkas to the serious understanding of Homeopathy in Brazil!
In “The Science of Homeopathy”, George Vithoulkas has compiled clear and comprehensive texts describing the theory and practice of Homeopathy.
In Section One, “The Laws and Principles of Healing” – Vithoulkas expounds on the principles of the ‘vital force’, the predisposition to disease, and the selection of homeopathic remedies.
In Section Two, “Practical Application” – Vithoulkas gives a detailed explanation of diagnostic methods and the preparation, administration and evaluation of homeopathic cures.
Written in clear, concise language, with extensive illustrations, references and case studies, The Science of Homeopathy is an excellent reference for homeopathic doctors, therapists and healthcare professionals and a very informative and in-depth introduction for the interested layman.

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