“Classical Homeopathy for Children – A Webinar by Professor George Vithoulkas”

An Exceptional  Webinar by Prof. George Vithoulkas

The extraordinary organization of a webinar by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy fulfilled the hearts and minds of more than 970 participants from 66 countries.

This International webinar in the Watch and Learn Series on the topic “Classical Homeopathy for Children” shined worldwide as it was available in 10 languages with simultaneous translation.

The two days of the webinar, 12th and 13th November 2022, offered loads of learnings when Prof. George Vithoulkas came LIVE once again to share the pearls of his wisdom. The hypothesis on “How Healthier children can be born”, the importance of imbibing qualities like sharing and selflessness in children, in depth explanation of arousal of natural instincts at the tender age of children, and many such pediatric issues were elucidated by him during the webinar.

The speakers of the Webinar analytically displayed the children case studies with serious pathologies, research papers, and practical applications of the cardinal laws of homeopathy given by Hahnemann.

The whole team of IACH including the administrative staff, the technical department, the translators, their assistants, and the speakers was headed by the director of the Academy Maria Chorianopolou whose humble and dedicated efforts to spread Classical Homeopathy leaves a memorable experience after each webinar.

Presenting a webinar at this scale became really gratifying when all the participants poured in with words of appreciation and requests to continue these meetings frequently in Watch & Learn series under the guidance of Prof. George Vithoulkas.