Prof. George Vithoulkas about Dr Samuel Hahnemann’s Birthday

Prof. George Vithoulkas about Dr Samuel Hahnemann:

“What can you say for a person who had such a divine inspiration as to bring us such a complete and effective healing system? And gave it to the world and the world didn’t understand the importance of his discovery. For me, there is no discovery that was made that was more important than his discovery. Because he explained how a person who is sick, can come back to complete health. He gave the way, the tools to do it. Yet the humanity has not appreciated at all his boon, his present, which means that he was a person, you could say, a real saintly person, because from the beginning of his expounding of his system, he suffered attacks. And when the system was starting to be spreading all over the world, it was distorted by the different disciples of him. I believe that, if there is a consciousness after death, will be still in pulsatilla state of health, complaining and crying for not been understood, not been appreciated”.