Homeoprophylaxis: The Great Misunderstanding

George Vithoulkas

This article is a transcript of a lecture on homeoprophylaxis given by Professor Vithoulkas at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, which he kindly edited and agreed to be reproduced for this issue of Homeopathic Links.

homeoprophylaxis – vaccination

Editor’s Note

Prof. Vithoulkas and the editor (Isaac Golden) debated this topic in 2007 over four editions of www.hpathy.com. This debate is still available to read in the Hpathy archive.

The very relevant issue of whether HP actually works by suppressing the immune system (like vaccines), or works only because it treats what is present during an epidemic, or actually works because it effectively treats specific inherited weaknesses which would otherwise prevent the vital force from protecting individuals if they are exposed to the targeted diseases, is discussed in the final chapter of the editor’s book The Complete Practitioners Manual of Homeoprophylaxis.

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