A Webinar of Prof. George Vithoulkas by Faculty of Homeopathy, UK

A Webinar of Prof. George Vithoulkas by Faculty of Homeopathy, UK

Possible initial reactions to chronic diseases after the first prescription in relation to the theory of the Levels of Health

The Faculty of Homeopathy, UK https://www.facultyofhomeopathy.org organised an exclusive webinar in collaboration with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece on 29th July 2023.

More than 320 participants from all over the world gathered LIVE to learn from Prof. George Vithoulkas about possible initial reactions to a remedy in a chronic disease with respect to the theory of “Levels of Health”. This webinar was thus a historical association of the Faculty of Homeopathy, UK, and IACH.

All accolades and praises for Dr Gary Smyth, the President of the Faculty of Homeopathy, UK who made the most important initiation by joining hands with IACH, in spreading genuine Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy. The webinar began with his heart warming and appreciative welcome speech, honouring Prof. Vithoulkas. He mentioned that the response to the webinar was overwhelming and extraordinary.

Prof. Vithoulkas in his talk revealed, how his observations and experience of many years led him to the most scientific and ground breaking theory – ‘Levels of Health’. After sharing the origin and evolution of this theory, he stated about different parameters to assess levels of health, together with the significance of acute infectious diseases and high fever.

Dr Gary Smyth modestly asked various questions of the participants to the master whose answers clarified many points on the subject and inspired everyone to follow the correct path of Classical Homeopathy. Prof. Vithoulkas wished loads of enthusiasm and guided by his exceptional knowledge and wisdom, every attendee felt immense respect and love for him, which was evident from their messages in the Chat.

This finest and special webinar was a great success and was possible due to the conjoined effort by both Associations with a common mission to showcase the crucial role of Homeopathy for the benefit of global health.